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Visiting Rules

  1. No inmate will be allowed visits from any person(s), until the inmate has completed six (6) consecutive days in jail.
  2. No person(s) under seventeen (17) years of age is allowed to visit an inmate. Photo ID (identification) is required. (no children under the age of 12 to be left unattended at the jail.)
  3. Any person(s) entering the visitation area with a coat, purse, packages or like items will be required to place them in their vehicle.
  4. Proper conduct by all visitors and inmates is expected. Improper conduct will result in termination of visiting priviledges.
  5. Any person(s) under the influence of alcohol, under the influence of drugs, with pending felony cases, with felony convictions or on probation / parole will not be allowed to visit.
    No notes or letters will be passed during visitation. All written correspondence to inmates must go through the U.S. Postal Service.
  6. Any person(s) causing damage to jail property will result in prosecution.


Visiting Day and Time

  1. Sunday only
  2. Visitation begins at:
    2:00p.m. for 1st cell block (cell numbers 1-3)
    2:25p.m. for 2nd cell block (cell numbers 4-6, 13A and 13B)
    2:50p.m. for 3rd cell block (cell numbers 7-9, 14A and 14B)
    3:15p.m. for 4th cell block (cell numbers 10-12)
  3. All visits are limited to twenty (20) minutes.
  4. Visitors are limited to two (2) persons per inmate, per visit.
  5. Visitors may not register for a visit earlier than thirty (30) minutes prior to visiting and no later than ten (10) minutes before


Inmates Are Allowed The Following

  1. One (1) clear bottle of shampoo
  2. One (1) clear stick of deodorant
  3. One (1) toothbrush and (1) one toothpaste
  4. One (1) hairbrush or (1) one comb
  5. One (1) wristwatch and (1) one clock or small clock radio with no batteries
  6. Two (2) two pens (black or blue ink only) - REMOVABLE CAPS ONLY 
  7. Two (2) non-spiral notebooks (no metal)
  8. Three (3) pair of white socks and (3) three pair of boxers (NO BRIEFS  - WHITE ONLY)
  9. Three (3) books, magazines or daily newspapers (no thick newspapers, sexual or explicit material).
  10. All items received must have inmates name.
  11. All items received must fit into inmates box (16" x 9 1/2 x 1") with exception of radio, boxers and socks.


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